Editing the MX record to use a different mail server

By default, all of the email for your domain is handled by Hostway's mail server. You have the ability to modify your DNS and MX  records.  This allows you to create or modify specific records to point to areas outside our network.

You can choose to have another mail server handle your email. You can select a mail server such as Register.com or you can specify an Exchange, Novell or other in-house mail server. If your organization has multiple mail servers (such as a primary and secondary server) you can specify multiple IP addresses and set the priority for each.

Please note that the ability to edit DNS/MX records are available only to hosting customers.

To edit the MX Record:

  1. In SiteControl, click Domain Name to display the Domain Name Management page.

  2. Click DNS Manager. The  DNS Manager page displays information about your current domain.

  3. In the Current Resource Records area, there is a an MX row. Enter a new value in the Target column. This could be either an IP address, or a domain name such as mail.somedomain.com.

  4. Click Update.